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"My fine art and fashion photography background coupled with a technical knowledge that is second nature, allows me to see and capture spontaneous defining moments of the wedding day – telling the story as it unfolds. My photojournalistic and high fashion approach to wedding photography is taken a step further with a reportage style that is rooted in my ongoing work in editorial, portraiture and fashion."

My approach…

 I find it to be extremely rewarding to be a part of such a significant day, not to mention it’s a lot of fun! "I take wedding photography very seriously, when a couple has asked me to photograph what will be one of the most happiest and important days in their lives I try to record that very special day in a way and with a style that celebrates what is truly personal and unique about them. I work in a personable yet unobtrusive manner, preferring natural light when it is available, yet ready to provide supplemental lighting whenever it is required. My work over the years in the fashion and magazine industry has given me the skills to "get the shot" in a variety of situations and conditions".

I take pride in offering personalized service with high standards and expectations in quality. I am definitely not a typical 'wedding factory' photographer; in fact I try not to schedule more than one event in a two-week period. I find it gives me time to focus on the job of making photographs and to deliver the results with efficiency and care. In the weeks prior to your wedding day, we will have discussed your plans and expectations. I will know what you want, and who are the special friends and family members who will be there. With these preparations in mind, you can enjoy the day without distractions. Creativity usually follows careful planning.

digital / film…

This is an exciting time for photography; it is now undergoing rapid technical changes with the introduction of digital methods. I embrace these new opportunities. It keeps things fresh, and it allows me to offer my clients the latest services available. I work exclusively with top of the line Canon cameras, which truly are the best of the best for image quality, sharpness, color saturation, dimension and emotional impact.

I do not offer the typical "Package" for a wedding but rather would find out exactly what you are needing for your wedding day and fit a packaged deal around your budget.

I will always give you the top quality that you deserve.

Please call me to schedule your wedding photography consultation.


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