Tomaz Cervantes

California born fashion photographer Tomaz Cervantes, possesses an extra insight to the fashion photography field. He has worked on both sides of the camera in the fashion and acting field. He started working in the modeling field at the age of 18 years old. He quickly learned many of the aspects of the field that would later take over his life's work as a photographer. With his understanding of his clients needs as a model or as an actor, He is better able to capture the clients need for their work. He still works on the other side of the camera as an actor and part time model but his true passion is the capturing of beautiful and creative images. Many photographers in the field do not understand what it is like to be on the other side of the lens, and this has worked as an asset in his career as a photographer to make his clients and models at ease. His career as an actor has had him spots on many television shows and commercials such as Mc Donald's restaurants and many national television shows and major motion pictures. This training, and his eye for detail, has spilled over into his photography work.

Tomaz has always believed in fair trade with his clients and is always looking out to keep people from getting ripped off in the modeling and acting fields. There are many scams that constantly prey on unsuspecting beginner models and actors. He works as not only a photographer but also scouts for many large modeling agencies and talent representatives and is always willing to give free advice to beginners in the field.

Tomaz has always believed in using the best tools for the job and is always using the most cutting edge tools to get the best images for his clients. He was one of the first photographers to go with an all digital setup and uses only the best that the industry has to offer in his daily photography. These tools give the clients instant access to seeing their work. This also enables him to digitally touch up minor (and some major flaws) that a client may have on and also gives him the flexibility to shoot images in both black and white and color and manipulate the final images in any way to suit his clients needs.

You can view the images usually  the same day that you take them. There is no longer a wait of a week just to view your proofs. He also offers an online proofing system that you can view and order your images from the comfort of your own home or office.  If need be the turnaround for prints can be within a few hours of shooting your pictures or even less depending on your needs.

He has shot many fashion advertisements for clients such as "Jazzed Watches" "LA Blues" jeans "Havana Honeys" cigars, "Venus Swimwear", "Parallele Fashions" and many others as well as shooting such celebrities such as Arnold Swartzenegger, Tia and Tamara from the "Sister sister" television show, Demi Moore, Sylvester Stalone, Ice T, and many others.

Currently located in the southwestern United States. He is willing to travel and often works in the Los Angeles, Las Vegas and Phoenix markets and on occasion, the other coast in Miami, Fl.

If you are interested in something unique for your advertisement needs or for something for your portfolio. Please contact him and he will be glad to arrange what ever your needs are.

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